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How to Claim and Update Your Scout Profile

Scout is your regions gateway to expanding and relocating businesses. It's also a place to leverage the Voice of Local Business in Attraction and Retention efforts.. Follow these simple steps to claim your city's profile and showcase its potential.

If you prefer video, you can follow along here on how to Claim + Update your Scout Profile

Step 1: Go to the Scout Platform

Visit the Scout platform, where cities and businesses connect for economic development opportunities.

Step 2: Find Your City

Search for your city's profile on Scout. 



Step 3: Claim Your Listing

Click on "Claim Listing" to take control of your city's profile and its data.



Step 4: Provide Contact Information

Enter your contact details to verify your claim and establish authenticity.


Step 5: Log In to Update Your Page

Once your claim is accepted, you'll get an email like the one below. Create a password and account so that you can log in and update your city profile. Then you can use the Scout platform to update your city's page with the latest information.




Here is what a complete profile looks like - McKinney, TX



Step 6: Encourage Reviews

Invite local businesses to leave reviews about their experiences in your city. These real-world insights add credibility to your profile and can be used to power attraction and retention efforts.

By claiming your profile and gathering authentic reviews from primary employers,  you're taking charge of how your city attracts businesses and propels its growth. Additionally, reviews can be used to get a pulse on your city and identify retention/expansion opportunities. 

If you are curious how Scout helps Economic Developers, check out the video below.