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Powering Business Recruitment and Retention with Reviews

Attracting and retaining business involves more than just fulfilling a checklist of requirements. It's about nurturing relationships, understanding unique selling points, and cultivating a dynamic environment for local enterprises and potential newcomers. Leveraging insights gathered from local businesses through reviews provides Economic Development Organizations with a potent and innovative differentiator. This approach shapes an authentic narrative that strongly resonates with existing and prospective companies alike.


Unveiling the Voice of Local Business

Imagine a scenario: several cities tick all the boxes when it comes to quality of life, workforce, infrastructure, and taxes. What sets them apart? Often, the differentiator lies in a blend of objective and intangible attributes. The perfect site, a financial incentive, local flair, or a sense of community. This is where the voice of local businesses steps in as a guiding force. At Scout, we propose leaning into this force and letting thriving local businesses speak for you.

Our reviews go beyond the surface, capturing up to 30 datapoints of both qualitative and quantitative information. This comprehensive approach equips site selectors and businesses with a holistic understanding of what it truly means to operate in your region.

Reviews of satisfied business owners highlight the essence of the area, resonating far more powerfully than a checklist of features. These reviews bridge the gap between raw data and lived experiences, enabling prospective businesses to envision themselves thriving within your region's ecosystem.


"Decatur Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) is focused on private sector developments that result in quality job creation and capital investment in Decatur, Texas.  We are excited to further this effort through our recent partnership with Scout, leveraging their business retention and recruitment technology platform to advance our mission."
KevinHolzbog, Executive Director (Decatur EDC)


Use reviews to guide economic development efforts

Think of reviews as signals on a spectrum, guiding your economic development strategy.

Positive Testimonials: These are the indicators of thriving businesses that are happy and could be eyeing expansion. A robust review generation strategy allows you to identify these green flags swiftly, ensuring you’re there to help with the project. 

Constructive Feedback: As you sift through the feedback, you'll encounter businesses that are generally satisfied but offer constructive suggestions for improvement. These are your yellow flags, signaling potential vulnerabilities in your economic ecosystem. With these insights, you can fine-tune strategic plans, address pain points, and strengthen your offerings. This proactive approach can also involve keeping these businesses in the loop about upcoming developments, demonstrating your commitment to their growth.

Risk Indicators (Red Flags): The most critical signals on this spectrum, the red flags, signify businesses that are discontent and actively considering relocation. Implementing a consistent review strategy can act as an early warning system, detecting these flags before they escalate. For those already bearing the crimson hue, there might still be room for reconciliation. Timely interventions, informed by their feedback, could salvage the relationship and prevent a departure.


Enrich Ongoing Projects

Consider the scenario of a recent infrastructure development, such as a burgeoning tech park. Reviews from thriving businesses within that project provide concrete evidence of positive outcomes. What were once abstract plans become relatable success stories, offering a reassuring narrative to investors and businesses.


Elevate Your Economic Development Website

Your economic development website can serve as an invaluable platform to showcase the power of reviews. Create a dedicated section that highlights your reviews. By doing so, you breathe life into marketing efforts, offering an authentic perspective that resonates with visitors.

For instance, consider a software company eyeing expansion. Testimonials from software entrepreneurs who have thrived within your city's ecosystem can wield substantial influence. These firsthand accounts provide a relatable narrative and validate existing data.

Once you have at least 5 reviews on your Scout profile, you will be eligible for a Scout Badge. If you're a subscriber of our Recruit + Retain package, you can repurpose all content from reviews on your own site. 



A Window Into Thriving Ecosystems

Imagine a cutting-edge chip manufacturer seeking its next location. They want to know how quickly they can hire a workforce and what training/development programs can accelerate their efforts.

Reviews from local chip manufacturers to validate your story and data can enhance your chances of securing the project. Show them the quantitative review data detailing how other companies have been able to hire and train staff quickly in the last 12 months. Show them qualitative reviews highlighting the success of your workforce development programs. These reviews function as windows into a thriving ecosystem and proof that success is imminent.

In summary…

  • Leveraging local business reviews creates an authentic narrative, extending beyond criteria.
  • Reviews connect data with real-world experiences, resonating with potential partners.
  • Hosting reviews on Scout, a third-party platform, boosts credibility and trust.
  • Reviews enrich ongoing projects and validate their success
  • Third party validated reviews can enhance economic development websites.
  • Reviews offer a window into thriving ecosystems, allowing partners to envision success.



How do you validate reviews?

To ensure reviewer authenticity, a LinkedIn™ account or verified business email is required. Reviews are human-verified. Reviews from current/former employers or competitors are not accepted.

We have testimonials on our website, why do we need reviews? 

Testimonials are amazing. But utilizing a third-party platform like Scout to collect reviews offers an added layer of credibility and transparency. Third-party reviews provide unbiased perspectives, fostering trust in the decision making process.

Who is reading the reviews? 

Reviews are read by a diverse audience, including businesses considering expansion or relocation, site selectors, and stakeholders interested in the economic landscape. We recommend embedding reviews on your own website as well!

What about negative reviews? 

While we don't publish defamatory content, negative reviews can be constructive and authentic. In fact, profiles with a mix of positive and negative feedback often instill more trust, showcasing transparency and a willingness to address challenges.

How do we get started with reviews? 

Head to the Scout marketplace and claim your profile. You can get reviews on your own which will always be free. Or the Scout Team can run campaigns on your behalf. You can learn more about those offerings in our For Economic Developers section.

What does a review look like?

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