What is Scout?

Scout is a recruitment and retention platform for the economic development industry. While serving as a discovery tool for businesses and site selectors to streamline location research.


What economic developers are saying


Maria Satira

Director, Marketing and Communications | Greenville Eastern North Carolina Alliance

"Having a profile on Scout Cities has been beneficial because it serves as a neutral, third-party validation source. We also like the ability for our local business owners and operators to share their honest feedback about their experiences doing business in Greenville-Pitt County."


Kevin K. Holzbog

Executive Director | Decatur Economic Development Corporation

"Our focus is on private sector developments that result in quality job creation and capital investment in Decatur, Texas. we are excited to advance our mission through our partnership with Scout and their business retention and recruitment technology platform."



Megan Holloway

Marketing Coordinator | Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce

"Scout allows our Chamber to amplify the voices of our members while providing helpful feedback so we can grow as a community."




Group 232
City Profile

Recruit More Businesses With A Premium Profile

Scout is where businesses and site selectors make their shortlists and connect with qualified cities. Tailor your city or EDO profile with a captivating banner image, engaging video content, and compelling incentives.

Craft a values and data driven profile that leaves an impression on site selectors and business owners alike. Here's how it works...

  1. Claim your Scout Profile (free)
  2. Use the Scout Admin to update your profile (free)
  3. Add Premium Content to your profile
    1. Your logo
    2. Banner image
    3. Video content
    4. Local Incentives
    5. Target Industries
  4. Retain and expand local business through Scout Reviews




Marketing and Social Media Manager

Luke Gajary - McKinney Economic Development Corporation

“Reviews from businesses in our community are what we like most about Scout. It’s validation that we’re a great city for business and immediate content for our marketing team.” 
City Insights

Gather Valuable Feedback to Fuel Retention Strategies

Scout's review program streamlines BRE efforts. We help you gather feedback from local businesses and turn the data into compelling marketing assets so you can say, "our city is great for business, but don't trust us, trust our local businesses."

Scout Reviews collect up to 30 economic development data points and every review is validated through a LinkedIn profile

Scout Reports
City Insights

Get Featured In Scout Reports

We rank the country's Best Cities for Business based on data from Scout Reviews.

Once per year, Scout aggregates review data across our platform. The quantitative data points create a Scout report. These are not pay to play reports/rankings. To be included in our reports, you need at least 10 reviews from local businesses, but do not have to be a paying customer.



Getting Started


Claim your profile

It's easy (and free) to claim your listing. You'll have full control over the content of your profile. A Premium Profile comes with advanced customizations and featured placement across the site.


Update Your Profile

Our team will walk you through the best way to update the contents of your page. From target industries to state and local incentives, you can share all the factors that make your city unique


Gather Reviews

The Scout Team will meet you to understand your economic development goals, define a review strategy, and collect feedback from local businesses. Reviews help retain and recruit business for your city.

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