Site Selection Services

3 phases to site selection success


Sites and Incentives

Determine the viability of your project with Scout's Sites and Incentives discovery phase. We evaluate real estate options and financial incentives to provide a clear insight into your project's feasibility, ensuring that your venture stands on solid ground from the start.


RFI's and Insights

Leverage Scout's comprehensive RFI process to streamline responses and data collection. We'll help you uncover cities and sites that meet your critical location criteria and evaluate which areas give you the best chance for success.


Selection and Negotiation

We help you finalize the site selection process, craft a comprehensive launch plan, and strategically negotiate incentives. Our focused approach is designed to seal the deal on your project, ensuring a successful launch aligned to your goals.



Founder + CEO | Food Manufacturing Company

Brian T.

“We thought incentives were only for giants like Amazon and Intel. Turns out we were eligible for a million dollars.”

Garth Watrous American Hat Makers

CEO + President | Hat Manufacturing Company

Garth W.

Within a week we had a site visit, incentive discovery process, and identified our critical location factors.

Our Project Expertise

Retail Site Selection

Involves identifying optimal locations for retail operations, considering factors like customer demographics, traffic patterns, and competition.

Industrial Site Selection

Focuses on finding suitable locations for industrial activities, with emphasis on logistics, access to raw materials, and transportation networks.

Factory Site Selection

Entails selecting sites for factories based on factors like workforce availability, production needs, and supply chain logistics.

Warehouse Site Selection

Involves choosing locations for storage and distribution facilities, prioritizing accessibility, space requirements, and proximity to transport hubs.

Manufacturing Site Selection

Centers on finding the ideal location for manufacturing units, considering factors like labor costs, utility availability, and regulatory environment.

Data Center Site Selection

Involves choosing sites for data centers based on criteria such as connectivity, energy availability, and climate considerations.

Corporate Site Selection

Entails selecting locations for corporate offices, focusing on factors like business environment, employee accessibility, and local amenities.

Commercial Real Estate Site Selection

Focuses on identifying prime locations for commercial properties, considering market trends, investment potential, and urban development plans.

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