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McKinney, TX Leverages Scout to Amplify the Voice of Local Business

McKinney, a vibrant and dynamic city known for its rich history and thriving community, is taking a bold step towards enhancing its economic development efforts by leveraging Scout, the leading economic development platform for local business insights. Pioneered by McKinney Economic Development Corporation,  Scout Reviews empower local businesses to share their experiences, provide valuable feedback, and foster transparency within the community. Reviews will be publicly posted on McKinney's Scout Profile

A primary goal of this collaboration is to gain a deeper understanding of McKinney's business landscape. By encouraging local businesses to share reviews about operating in McKinney, the city will gain valuable insights into successes and opportunities. 

What sets Scout Reviews apart is Scout's unique approach to gathering data. Each review submitted by a local business leader includes up to 30 economic development data points. This provides McKinney with a comprehensive and detailed view of its business environment. 

Reviewers on the Scout platform have the opportunity to indicate whether they are contemplating expansion or relocation. This feature allows McKinney to identify potential areas for growth and to address any potential red flags, ensuring the city remains an attractive destination for businesses and investors alike.

McKinney encourages all businesses (smb to enterprise) to participate in this initiative by sharing their reviews and feedback on the Scout platform. Together, the city and its local companies can work collaboratively to build an even stronger and more prosperous business community.


About McKinney EDC:

McKinney EDC is the driving force behind McKinney, Texas' economic growth. MEDC partners with businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors to create opportunities, jobs, and a thriving community.

About Scout:

Scout is the leading economic development platform dedicated to amplifying the voice of local business. Scout works with cities, chambers, and EDO to help them turn BRE efforts into attraction opportunities.

Note: It is free for any city/edo to have a profile on Scout and obtain reviews on their Scout profile. Scout also offers premium profiles and review generation services. This offering helps cities add marketing assets to their Scout Profile and assists in the review generation process. Having a premium profile does not effect review scores or ratings in Scout Reports.