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Are you looking for a comprehensive list of all the Site Selectors around the globe? Corporations hire these experts to find the next location for their business. So whether you're a business leader or an economic developer, you can Leverage our Excel database of Site Selectors to find their names, phone numbers, emails, and LinkedIn profiles!


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Your Site Selector database will be sent right to your email. Our list has name, email, phone, and LinkedIn Profile. 

Why Choose Our List of Site Selectors?

Developing a database of Site Selectors isn't easy so we've done the hard work for you. From the boutique consultants to the global real estate firms, we have the data your looking for. 

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No need to scour LinkedIn and Google to find every site selector in the industry. We already did it for you. 

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Our list is free. We'll never ask you for a dime in order to access our database of site selectors. If you're looking for a name or number that we don't have, just ask and we'll source it for you (also free).

✅ Accuracy Guaranteed 

If an email bounces or a phone number doesn't land, just send us a note to and we'll let you know what the issue is. If that person still works there, we will identify a new email address or phone number and share it within 24 hours!

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Site Selectors List FAQs

What types of Site Selectors are included in your list?

Our comprehensive list includes a variety of site selectors who specialize in corporate site selection, labor and talent, and we even features those specializing in Canadian locations.

How can I access the Free List of Site Selectors?

Simply enter your information below to receive the Excel file. The list is completely free and readily available for download without any fees or subscriptions.

Do you have a list of Site Selectors who are part of Site Selectors Guild?

Yes our list denotes if the Site Selector is part of the Guild or not.

What information is included in the list of Site Selectors?

The list provides detailed information including names, phone numbers, emails, and LinkedIn profiles of site selectors from boutique consultants to global real estate firms.

Can I request information about a specific site selector not listed?

Absolutely! If you are looking for information on a site selector that’s not included in our list, let us know. We will source this information for you at no additional cost.

How often is the list updated?

Our team updates the list quarterly!

Who can benefit from this list?

This list is an invaluable resource for business leaders, economic developers, and anyone involved in the process of selecting sites for business expansion or relocation.

How can I provide feedback about the list?

We welcome your feedback! Please contact us at to share your thoughts or suggestions about our list of Site Selectors.